Sam Character Design

Birthday: 09/13
sign: Virgo
Age: 18
Gender: Female [she/her pronouns but doesn't care if people misgender her]
Height: 5'9"
occupation: model, climber

Likes: her cat, Kiara, climbing, making decisions, strong people.
Dislikes: being alone, cramped spaces, relying on others, physical touch, nicknames

Stregths: intimidating, rational, observant, can pull anyone
Weaknesses: fear of rats, closed off, suffers from paranoia and PTSD

Known by those who fear her as Slaughter Sam, she's someone you wouldn't want on your bad side.

Highly saught after for her androgynous look, her main job is modelling. It pays the bills, but Sam's passion and goals lies elsewhere. 

Sam in a more feminine outfit.

One of Sam's masks she wears when going to public Agon events like tournaments. Made by her roommate, Kiara.

One of Kiara's favorite activities is styling Sam and picking out her wardrobe. Most of the time, Sam goes along with it. Her only interest in fashion being her collection of eccentric and questionable belts.

When her roommate isn't dressing her, She likes to wear baggy clothes. When she puts her hair back in a ponytail, Sam often gets mistaken for an attractive boy.