SUMMIT Concept Art


Backgrounds are an integral part of creating a webcomic. Because Summit takes place in the city rather than in nature, a place with lots of organic shapes, the backgrounds are more challenging for me to create. However, I love the urban cyberpunk look so I've worked hard to make sure the city reflects the tone just as much as the characters.

For windows, city noise, lights, etc. I use the City 
Brush Set created by Devin Elle Kurtz.

Link to City Brush Set

I created this panel by using three point perspective.

[Swipe to see process]

When drawing detailed backgrounds, I typically start with lineart. Next I add a flat color base, shading and highlights, and finish with overlays.

[Swipe to see process]

For buildings and cityscapes, I block out shapes like in this panel rather than starting with lineart. Once done, I play around with the color palette, lighting, and composition.The top four images are the process. The bottom four images are variations of the final piece.

examples of panels I drew using image references I took while out in the city.