Nikolai Character Design

Birthday: 03/22
sign: Aries
Age: 19
Gender: male
Height: 5'10"
Hair color: platinum blond
eye color: blue
occupation: Agon Player, son of Russian Mob boss

Likes: underground raves, spending money, loud fashion, attention.
Dislikes: clingy people, responsibility, being micromanaged.

Strengths: Has played Agon the longest out of the group, knowledgble about many things, has social status amongst the elites of NYC, has a car, extremely lucky.
Weaknesses: Problem creator, quick to anger, overestimates his ability, skewed morals.

The scar under his eye is one of his most recognizable characteristics. However, no one knows how he got it. Whenever someone asks about it, he gives a different story.

Due to Nikolai's mother being the head of the Russian mob in New York, his family holds power and influence amongst the city elites. However, that's not his scene. He can be found spending his nights trading Kandi at underground raves rather than trading secrets in high rises with the upper class.

Nikolai and Leo became friends due to their shared experiences of coming from wealthy powerful families and being expected to take over.

Nikolai has a tendency to avoid his problems by relying on drugs.

He usually wears readers when he doesn't have his contacts in.