Noah Character Design

The main protagonist of SUMMIT.

Birthday: 08/05
sign: Leo
Age: 18
Gender: male
Height: 5'11"
Hair color: brown
eye color: green
occupation: unemployed, climber

Likes: Rock Climbing, Urb X, reading manga, fashion, eating big meals
Dislikes: Institutions, his parents, waiting for Enzo [who's always late], feeling useless.

Strengths: Quick thinker, ADHD, athletic, doesn't get deterred by failure.
weaknesses: selfish, ADHD, impulsive, one-track minded

One of my earliest drawings of Noah. I used to draw his hair less curly than it is now.

His favorite brand is Arc'teryx though he can't afford it himself.

Noah's outfit from chapter 6. As he plays Agon, he starts wearing darker clothes to help him evade authorities.

His favorite season is fall because that's when his fits look the best.

Noah's clothes tend to be oversized as most of them are hand-me-downs from his older brother. [Either that or he steals them from his closet].

Another early concept sketch of Noah showing the darker side of his personality which will come out later in the story.

Lineart of Noah's facial expressions and poses from chapters 3 and 4.

One of Noah's main characteristics is his love of adrenaline and climbing. He likes heights and believes that when he puts himself in risky situations, the fear of dying allows him to push his limits as an athlete and human.